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ChatSeguro is a communication software aimed at improving relations within a company. With this application, coworkers from the same office, branch, department, or group can share information quickly and instantly, even if they're not all in the same building or city.

This application includes all the features necessary for a good chat app, including the ability to send and receive documents of any type and size, the ability to create large conference groups or video calls with multiple users, and the ability to request remote access or open the message history. Although it doesn't have a very modern or innovative interface, ChatSeguro delivers exactly what it promises.

Only employees of the same company will have access to this tool, and only registered users can chat with their coworkers, so the manager of all contacts can delete or accept however many people are wanted or needed, improving the security of the information. Each user can change his name and add other information so the other users know immediately who they're talking to.

All these features make ChatSeguro a good application to improve the productivity and effectiveness of employees within the same company, streamlining decision-making and access to documents instantly, which are always protected by SSL encryption.

The demo version allows up to five users.

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